Technology Executives Roundtable

History of TER

The Technology Executives Roundtable (TER) was originally founded by Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) as a company strategy to stay aware of local technology entrepreneurial endeavors across the country.

In 1993, DEC eliminated TER from its plans; however, through the leadership of local sponsors and leaders in the technology community, TER in Atlanta incorporated as an independent non-profit organization.

TER now consists of over 100 high profile CEOs, CFOs and General Managers in the technology community of Atlanta.

Over the past few years, TER has been focused on increasing member participation and value through more targeted and compelling programs that meet the needs of the chief executives and CFOs of technology companies.

Past presidents of TER include:

Walter Czarnecki (2017)


Eric Christ (2016)


Dick Cook (2015)

Focus Bankers

Asif Ramji (2014)

Paymetric, Inc.

Paul Ilse (2013)


Evan Rogoff (2012)

Rogoff Financial Services

Sami Jajeh (2011)

Arketi Group

James Davis (2010)

Buckskull Partners

Price Harding (2009)

CarterBaldwin Executive Search

Greg Smith (2008)

Xerox Mortgage Services

Michael Price (2007)

VC South

John Kahn (2006)

Financial Asset Management Systems

Clay Scarborough (2005)

Abacus Solutions

Ed Daihl (2004) 




Bill Barnes

Circuit Technologies, Inc.

Steve Bate

Care Technologies

Curtis Cain

Automated Design Systems, LLC

Tom Clements

Conduit Software

Rusty Gordon

iFLEET, Inc.

Charlie Paparelli

Insight Management

Karen Robinson

Prime Point Media

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