Past Events

December 14, 2021

2022 Economic Forecast presented by Roger Tutterow, PhD., Kennesaw State University.

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Roger Tutterow, PhD, Director of the Econometric Center, Kennesaw State University, shares a recap of 2021, what he predicts will happen in 2022 and how it will affect us.

November 16, 2021

Eleventh Annual John Imlay Leadership Award Ceremony

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In Honor of Kelly Gay, Chairman/Board Director/CEO

October 12, 2021

Entrepreneurship through the Diversity Lens: Supporting and Increasing Diversity in Your Tech Company

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Our panel of experts discussed the following:

  • How is the entrepreneur experience similar and/or different?
  • What is the current state of women and people of color entrepreneurship in the Atlanta tech community?
  • What were your key factors in building a successful business – and what unique challenges have you faced?
  • How can our community intentionally promote and support diverse entrepreneurs?
  • What are the ways Atlanta tech companies can promote diversity on their board of directors and advisory councils?
  • What steps should VCs take to increase funding and support of tech companies led by diverse leaders?

September 21, 2021

A Master-Class in Technology Marketing: C-suite snapshot of best practices in marketing today

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Hear from five experts in five rapid-fire, six-minute presentations on how they’ve used marketing strategies to generate revenue by:

  • Crafting lead generation programs that count
  • Building a brand that delivers bottom-line benefits
  • Protecting your marketing IP
  • Ensuring customer marketing delivers revenue
  • Demystifying data-driven marketing

August 17, 2021

Ransomware Prevention: Best Practices for Reducing Your Technology Exposure and Legal Liability (And Saving Your Job!)

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Join us while our expert panel addresses these critical topics for tech entrepreneurs:

  • What is ransomware?
  • What is the standard of care for a tech company to prevent a ransomware attack?
  • How involved should your board of directors be in addressing risk management issues relating to ransomware?
  • What is the current insurance coverage for ransomware attacks and how expensive are the premiums?
  • If I’m a victim of a ransomware attack, should I pay the ransom?

July 20, 2021

The Convergence of FinTech and Software

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(This video has been edited to remove areas when technical difficulties occurred during the live meeting.) 

Join us this session for our expert panel of leading fintech and software executives, investors and advisors on critical topics for tech entrepreneurs:

  • How are software companies positioning themselves to maximize their payments opportunity?
  • How are payments leaders driving the convergence with software?
  • What KPIs should I evaluate as my business evolves?
  • Does participating more in payments create a channel conflict?
  • What impact does this trend have on valuation?
  • Are there different exit opportunities available for my business?

June 15, 2021

SPACs & IPOs – What Every Tech Company Needs to Know (and Private Equity or a Strategic Buyer as an alternative!)

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Join us this session for our expert panel of leading tech investors and advisors on these critical topics for tech entrepreneurs:

  • What is a SPAC and how does it impact my tech company?
  • What impact has the rise of SPACs had on valuations?
  • Should my tech company merge with a SPAC – and does this make me a public company?
  • Is it time to consider an IPO (and how does this compare to merging with a SPAC)?
  • What are the other (best) financing alternatives for a fast-growing tech company?
  • What are the costs for doing an IPO or merging with a SPAC?
  • Private equity versus IPO – what are the pros and cons in today’s market?
  • How long will the SPAC/IPO markets remain open?
  • What are the legal and regulatory issues in the SPAC and IPO markets?

May 18, 2021

Technology Executive Compensation & Talent Acquisition -- New Trends Impacting Tech Companies

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Join us this session for our meeting on the highlights from the 2021 Technology Executives Compensation Survey – with data from tech companies in Atlanta, Charlotte, Florida & SC

Key Topics and Questions to be discussed:

  • How to find & attract talent in the tech sector
  • Designing an effective compensation plan to attract, motivate and retain top executives
  • Understanding tax & contract issues in comp plans & employee agreements
  • Key issues and latest trends in negotiating executive compensation packages
  • Recruiting and compensation issues after COVID-19

April 20, 2021

VIDEO CONFERENCE: International Expansion – Where to Open Your International Office in 2021

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Join us this session for our meeting on International Expansion: Where to Open Your International Office in 2021

Key Topics and Questions to be discussed:

  • Many US tech companies have selected England, Ireland, France or the Netherlands as headquarters for their international expansion -- what are the competitive advantages of each country?
  • Where can US tech companies find talent in other countries? How important is it to have a country manager who is native to the international country – and how do you hire them?
  • What corporate/business structure is optimal for international expansion?
  • What are the tax and economic development benefits available in other countries to tech companies wanting to open an office there?
  • What are the three biggest problems a US company will face in entering a non-US market and how can they be avoided?

March 16, 2021

VIDEO CONFERENCE: Post-Pandemic Office - How will the workplace evolve?

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Join us this session for our meeting on the Post-Pandemic Office – How will the workplace evolve?

Key Topics and Questions to be discussed:

1. What is the Hybrid Work Model?

2. Benefits to the physical office vs WFH (or WFA)

3. When are companies targeting a return to the office?

4. How will you address health & safety issues upon returning to the office?

5. Things learned about the workplace during Covid-19 that will endure

6. Are companies reducing their office space?

7. How has remote working impacted the office market?

February 16, 2021

VIDEO CONFERENCE: Venture Capital Investing in 2021– New Trends, Deal Terms & Valuation Surprises

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Join us this session for our meeting on venture capital investing in 2021: New Trends, Deal Terms & Valuation Surprises.

Key questions to be addressed include:

  1. What is the current state of the venture/equity markets in Georgia and the Southeast?
  2. What’s the difference between venture capital and growth equity?
  3. What types of companies are of interest to venture/growth funds?
  4. What are the hot areas for future technology investment?
  5. What is happening to valuations with technology companies?
  6. How should an entrepreneur prepare for meetings with prospective investors?

January 19, 2021


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Join us this session for our 2021 Accounting, Tax & Legal Update on what every technology company needs to know in 2021.

Topics to be discussed include: 

  • Financial reporting challenges resulting from COVID-19, including:
    • Preparation of forward-looking cash flow estimates
    • Going concern analysis
    • Impairment of assets
    • Accounting for PPP loans
    • Impacts on revenue recognition
  • Changes in income, estate and gift tax laws
  • Evolving employment laws and best practices after COVID-19
  • Financing considerations, like updates to crowdfunding rules
  • Other legal trends, like litigation trends and changes to patent laws. 

“I have found TER to be an excellent forum to connect with leaders of growth technology companies in the Atlanta technology community. The expert panels are topical and provide practical information for small and large companies. The roundtable members are a fantastic resource with a diverse range of expertise.“

Jeff Byrne
VP of Finance